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Toshiba MR 2010 will be held user communication

July 3, 2010, 2010 Toshiba MRI users exchange nearly 7,000 years in history Taodou Yi Xing pottery successfully held!The meeting will begin from Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital, Professor Wang Dehang began, he brought the subject of "female reproductive system cancer diagnostic imaging", citing cases pictures are almost always the abdomen images, lecture content is very exciting!
MR Toshiba Medical Products Division of Toshiba MR Yang Daoqi on the latest technological developments to all of you experts made a detailed report. Toshiba introduces a new 3.0T MR technology brought about new innovations, including improved inspection comfort, to improve the success rate of the magnet, to further improve the image quality of radio frequency technology; including the four-phase RF transmitter, RF acceptance 128 units, in addition, a comprehensive non-contrast angiography at 3.0T on the use, both to improve accuracy, but also to avoid the contrast agent in patients with damage to give inspection of risk. Participants listened attentively users, all of Toshiba's impressed by the latest technology.
Next, from Luoyang, Central Hospital Zhang Liya Director Toshiba ASL perfusion imaging without checking technology into clinical and clinical guidance for patients with TIA transient ischemic treatment intervention, the experience of preaching for everyone here MR users all had an impact, MRI is not limited to clinical services, but can play a significant and direct clinical, is active rather than passive, lecture content is very exciting; from West China Hospital, the teacher summarized the summer spring tide Toshiba's most unique non-vascular imaging of contrast agent TIME-SLIP application experience, the images show fine exceptions, impressed the experts; from Beijing Pinggu Hospital in plunger teacher to show you the Pinggu Hospital more than six months to sum up the image of the abdomen, including the upper abdomen and lower abdomen, V9 is very beautiful images of the abdomen, so lamented by many experts; from Siping City, Jilin Wang Lirong brain Hospital director summed up the central nervous system in finishing the MR images and to share . Toshiba's non-vascular contrast agents on the application of technology in the brain to be far better than the image edge.
The 2010 exchange will be Toshiba MR user customer satisfaction of all participants and recognition, the advantages of Toshiba MRI, MRI's ability to participate in the meeting everyone was impressed.

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