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RT Solution Platform

RT Solution Platform is a fully functional system for major hospitals radiotherapy or radiation oncology treatment solutions. This system has access to a variety of image management, conventional X-ray localization, CT simulator, two-dimensional plan design, image verification, automatic MU check  and other functions;It is based on the major hospitals radiotherapy or oncology actual situation to design and develop with operational process convenient and flexible two-way transmission line with perfect support DICOM3.0/DICOM-RT standard protocol, all automatic image data transmission and treatment,It not only supports the mainstream of CNC cutting machines, but also supports two-way transmission and mainstream mainstream TPS linear accelerator
treatment parameters such as direct transmission.It offers a variety of practical function and promotes the precise radiotherapy’s development.
Main function

Main Function

Radiation image integration solution with diagnosis and treatment
1 .with the position of the patient's database, you can create, query, and delete functions.
2. with multiple image import / export, extended RT PACS, multi-image diagnosis, such as CT, MRI, PET images.
3 .With upgrade.of flat-panel digital machine

4.With viewing  the image verification image.
5.With convenient for doctors to diagnose patients anytime, anywhere to view the image or radiotherapy.

6.With a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional diagnostic tools, which greatly enriched the doctor's diagnosis.
7.With diagnostic and radiotherapy imaging unified management and transmission.It is one management tool for diagnosis and treatment.

CT simulation Function
1.Outline a variety of intelligent tools, vital organs enlarged detailed outline, accurate labeling ISO centers.
2. Provide the definition and contour outline target function.with a variety of manual, automatic contour outlining and editing tools.
3.Reconstruction based on organ function after automated sketch.
4.Outline the skin and lungs and other tissues automaticly with various sketch editing tools and diverse, including points, lines, curves, rectangles, and smart ball tools. Smart ball sketch automatic identification of the CT values between adjacent tissue differences in intelligent sketch target and organs at risk.
5.Outline sketched in the axial, coronal, sagittal outline contours smartly.
6.support 4D positioning sketch mode.
7.With end-expiratory and end-inspiratory two sequences of scan images, according to intelligence target outlined, CTVF target integration ,it can precisely position tumor target.

1.three-dimensional view of the design direction of BEV-ray
2.Various tools for aid view
3.Mixture show of target with VR three-dimensional reconstruction with volume rendering
4.Patient information in real time, autmatic segmentation save.and automatic tracking information for patient.
5.Import / export, project creation and management of .position plan
6.According to the outlined target, automatic generation of virtual MLC, and seamless connectivity with the accelerator; and real-time changes collimator parameters related to the treatment
7.Automatic settings of the MLC edge, selecting the inner edge of the blade intersects with the target, the edge of the blade intersects with the target, the outer leaves of the intersection with the target.
8.Support simulator plan design with two-dimensional images, irregular radiation field design with MLC and precision MU calculations. It providea full digital accurate treatment for conventional radiotherapy

9.Support Dicom RT, Dicom3.0 standard protocol two-way transmission, seamless TPS, accelerator verification (EPID) MLC, and cutting machines and other equipments

Accurate tool for the treatment - Image Authentication
1.Support image BEV validation
2.Support CT-CT, CT-PET, CT-MRI image fusion validation
3.Support the BEV image positioning with analog image fusion software to calculate the offset

4.Support EPID and accelerator integration validation
5.Support digital reconstruction images DRR, and other centers to automatically recalculate the mobile DRR
6. Support BEV conventional radiotherapy validation
7. Support Three-dimensional conformal, intensity modulated BEV's ISO validation

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