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Digital simulator workstation - Toshiba simulator machine's OEM workstation

Digital simulator workstation - Toshiba's advanced LX-40A simulator machine's OEM workstation
Toshiba's advanced LX-40A simulator machine's OEM workstation is a set of suitable for all kinds of normal simulation positioning machine general-purpose analog positioning system. As Toshiba's latest model of LA-40A simulator machine OEM product,its strong clinical application function won the global each big hospital's approval. The system provides not only the digital simulation positioning machine routine function,but also the whole heart for clinical service concept which is more important with a variety of strong clinical function for the doctor and the technical staff,so it can provide strong protection for exact radiotherapy

Pecfect image management Function
Importing documents with images in various formats, for example: DICOM, TIF, PNG, BMP, Turning  analog signal into digital images, with a variety of image processing including image scale, rotation, shear, window width adjustment, image correction, outlining the structure.Supporting a variety of tools such as intelligent balls sketch, sketch lines, point outline, cut lines, line changes and so on. Outline of the structure can be directly transmitted to the cutting machine to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Perfect support for image validation, to provide you with a reliable guarantee of precise radiotherapy
It support three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy and IMRT the treatment center verification perfectly.It is your strong support for precise radiotherapy. It is able to calculae the center offse automatically to guide the simulator machine to move towards ISO center with automatically calculating the validation error.

Pecfect Plan information management Function
Pecfect plan information management function includes MLC design, transmittingMLC document directly to the accelerator and the precise MU culation of irregular radiation field.It works more efficiently, more accurately. Data archiving function is powerful. It supports various model accelerator radiotherapy equipments and cutting machines perfectly.

Support for various simulator machines of different manufacturers
As Toshiba's advanced LX-40A simulator machine's OEM product with representativeness and reliability,it also support for other manufacturers simulator. Once you choose us, we will bring you more practical and more convenient way for working.

Image management system with diagnosis and treatment
This product is seamless to RT PACS. You will work conveniently with it .Permanent data archiving, access to different workstations and remote use are the convenience of your work. 

Validation of high-definition film and position of field film


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