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Four-dimensional radiotherapy doctor workstation

1.Clinic's medical imaging workstations
1.1 Support a variety of images, not only the radiation image but also includes diagnostic imaging, allowing you to very easily access patient diagnostic imaging and target outline with a very handy reference.
1.2 Support reading a variety of images, and a variety of image processing and fusion.
1.3 Provide a variety of diagnostic imaging tool
1.4 Support a variety of imaging equipment, CT, MRI, PET, X-Ray, etc.

1.5 Support DICOM 3.0 and DICOM RT
1.6 Support mass storage and image remote access

2.Powerful processing capabilities
Support up to 32GB or more memory and read large images faster.With powerful 64-bit workstation processing power, you can complete the work quickly.It also has a strong three-dimensional rendering.
2.1 Support the four-dimensional image processing
2.2 Support auto-transplantation of artificial intelligence and four-dimensional target function

2.3 Support automatic outlining a variety of organs

2.4 Support two-phase moving automatically organ fusion
2.5 Support a variety of image fusion model

2.6 Automatically outline the tumor according to SUV values

2.7 The new three-dimensional automatic original sketch, true 3d of what you see and outline

2.8 Powerful 3D rendering and diagnostic capabilities

2.9 Support CT simulation laser system

3.Native integration into the radiotherapy system
3.1 Support reading varieties of radiation image, including EPID images, IGRT images and other images.
3.2 Powerful three-dimensional external beam simulations
3.3 With image authentication in accelerator module for easy access and integration of contrast, make your verify more accurate and convenient.

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