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The MIT homepage spotlight exposes to the world the research, technology and education advances taking place at the Institute every day.



What makes it as a spotlight image is an editorial decision by the MIT News Office based on factors that include timeliness, promotion of MIT's mission, the balance of interest to both internal and external audiences, and appropriateness.



We do welcome ideas and submissions for spotlights from community members, but please note we are not able to accommodate all requests. We are unable to run event previews or promotions as spotlights; for those looking to promote an event, we are happy to include your listing as an event headline on the homepage (when space is available) and you are free to submit an "Of Note" to the MIT News site. For more information, e-mail the spotlight team.


today's spotlight information

read moreAn oracle for object-oriented programmers: By automatically cataloging connections between software 'objects,' a new system orients programmers joining large software projects in midstream.Read more

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