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"Vientiane lofty feel and taste" Toshiba Medical 2011 new product launches digital X-ray


Toshiba Medical Digital X-ray the new product launches site

Toshiba Medical Marketing Director Miss Guo Changling

First Affiliated Hospital of Jilin University Professor Wang Dawei speech

Toshiba product manager medical XR an introduction to Mr. Zhuang Yi

New conference site

XR Li, product manager for Toshiba Medical Products

Liu Wei XR product manager for Toshiba Medical Products

      Bi Wei Ying-Qiong sky day, Spring City over the open Mayflower; Old Bin Qi He, Chi Chi Run versicolor language sound. May 29, 2011, the long-awaited lofty feel, taste Vientiane medical digital X-ray Toshiba launch new products successfully held in the city of Changchun. This new product launch of "people-oriented, green, all-powerful and efficient" advanced concept, heavy launched "INFX-8000F", "plessart vivo" two new full-featured X-ray equipment.
In order to "feel lofty, Vientiane evil" along with the theme of electronic under Video, the conference officially began. Toshiba Medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Miss Guo Changling and the First Affiliated Hospital of Jilin University Professor Wang Dawei, respectively, to address the Assembly.
Miss Guo Changling in his speech thanked the distinguished guests from afar, and then share with you Since the establishment of Toshiba's "positive commitment to technology innovation, service to human life" concept of development.
Professor Wang Dawei said in his speech thanked the northeast of Toshiba's long-standing concern of the health care market and input at all levels of medical institutions in the Northeast region of the support and help, the majority of patients in the Northeast region's concern and care.
As a dual role of host and speakers, Toshiba Medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd. X-ray Products business unit manager, Mr. Zhuang Yi described the overall situation of Toshiba: Toshiba focuses on medical product development process and the growth process, so that guests Toshiba has been updated for a more comprehensive health care a better understanding. Finally, Mr. Zhuang Yi sincere hope that through this conference, to two sets of new equipment for the media, with the majority of the Northeast's customers to further shorten the distance for the majority of medical staff to bring the convenience of application, to bring healing to the confidence of more patients for the development of Toshiba medical room lay a broader basis.
"Fair-Yunqing, diving into the water," along with the computer lights flicker frequency and on-site guests gorgeous warm applause, Toshiba Medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhou Tieshan, vice president and director and Professor Guo Zhi GUO Chang-ling, Professor Du Luoshan, Roert Micer will represent good luck, happy red parrot fish were hand-poured into the tank, will this conference to a new climax.
Tianjin Cancer Hospital from the Department of Interventional Radiology's Professor Guo Zhi X-ray and Toshiba Medical Systems Products Division product manager Roert Micer were the honored guests were called "micro-embolization treatment of primary liver cancer status and development" and "Toshiba vascular Hybrid operation on the machine in excellence, "the keynote speech. Professor Guo Zhi lead to a large number of clinical data introduced to the guests' primary liver cancer, "Comparison of current treatment methods and the use of embolization after treatment comparison. Roert Micer places lively and humorous speech to American guests learned the unique advantages of Toshiba vascular machines.
Finally, by Toshiba Medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd. XR product manager Miss Li Na and Mr. Liu Wei respectively Toshiba vascular machines "INFX-8000F" and Toshiba's new digital fluoroscopy "plessart vivo" a comprehensive special introduction, let guests on the release of two new devices have a more detailed and comprehensive understanding.
The conference, Toshiba people to the music rhythm, flow arrows, eye-catching text, gorgeous lighting, tight yet dynamic organization, wonderful speech, heart to heart communication demonstrates Toshiba Medical, "a hundred years pass, at the present glory "The gratifying trend. Fine tip transfer technology in the context of high-tech, Toshiba Medical rely on its strong technical strength, scientific research advocates "green", "efficient", "full", "close to the customer", "patient care" humanistic philosophy, to make the brand Toshiba influence the next level


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