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One yuan as the update-start ONE dynamic volume CT - First International Symposium

The venue
was packed

Chairman of
the Chinese Society of Radiology Professor Guo Qiyong speech

Medical Systems Co., Ltd. Gang Chuan Chi President's Message

Prof.Rich George
made ​​conference presentations

Prof.Patrik Rogalla
make conference presentations

Prof.Alain Blum
made ​​conference presentations

Professor Guo Qiyong
make conference presentations

Professor Zhou Cheng
made ​​conference presentations

Professor Sun Gang
made ​​conference presentations

Professor Zhang Zhaoqi
make conference presentations

Professor Zhang Wanshi
make conference presentations

Professor Wu Dong
made ​​conference presentations

John van Gulik PhD
to do conference presentations

Display area
experts lecture

    July 9, 2011, blue skies. The long-awaited first dynamic volume CT International Symposium, JW Marriott Hotel in Beijing successfully held. The seminar, "one dollar as the update-start ONE" as the theme, gathered in a well-known experts and scholars to share and witness the Toshiba Aquilion ONE dynamic volume CT, the clinical application of advanced technology research and progress.
Chairman of the Chinese Society of Radiology and Professor Guo Qiyong Toshiba Medical Systems Co., Ltd. Gang Chuan Chi president addressed the seminar were based, expressed this best wishes for success seminar.
The International Symposium honored to have come from top international experts in the hospital. United States ranked first in the heart of Johns Hopkins University Center Prof.Rich George; Imaging Center, University of Toronto's Prof.Patrik Rogalla; France Nancy hospital Prof.Alain Blum; in place as chairman, and Mukden, China Medical University Hospital Professor Guo Qiyong; chairman of the Chinese Medical Association, Beijing Hospital, Ministry of Health, Professor Zhou Cheng; military radiology chairman of the Jinan Military General Hospital, Professor Sun Gang; Zhen Hospital, Capital Medical University, Professor Zhang Zhaoqi; Air Force General Hospital, and Professor Zhang Wanshi Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, Professor Wu Dong, respectively, in the international seminar made a wonderful speech.
Prof.Rich George as the symposium's first speaker, and the presence of 300 experts to share the use of dynamic volume CT for myocardial perfusion imaging studies. Rogalla professor brought a dynamic volume CT perfusion study of low-dose and also to new methods and a wealth of examples showing the dynamic volume CT in clinical perfusion, and low doses of unique advantages. Alain Blum, Professor of bone and joint imaging of bone tumors and from two aspects of motor function, showing the spiral CT can not be achieved previously diagnosed cases, and a detailed analysis of its unique advantages. Three foreign experts to bring a new dynamic volume CT detailed and meticulous research content and information causing the audience and the experts of great interest and highly appreciated.
Well-known experts in the lectures will focus on the CT images of hot spots, in neuroimaging, cardiac imaging, perfusion and low-dose, the dynamic volume CT has brought a new clinical application made a wonderful presentation, the audience a voice of praise.
The team hosted an international seminar is also very strong, namely Professor Xu Jiaxing, Professor Du Xiangke, Professor Jin Zhengyu, and Professor Zhou Chunwu.
The meeting concluded, the global medical CT applications from Toshiba support center John van Gulik, Ph.D., an overview of the Aquilion ONE Clinical application of new developments and the latest technology.
The seminar was very successful, is the industry really has a high level of international technical seminars have been experts alike.

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