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Toshiba Aquilion ONE debut in China


Press conference to answer reporter asked

Aquilion ONE, turned out



                                 Chinese Medical Association credits will be chairman of radiology professor of speech Qi Ji



                                                                                   One-stop cardiac examination

July 4, 2008, and 6, respectively, Toshiba Medical Grand Hyatt in Shanghai and Beijing held a grand JW Marriott Hotel "Toshiba Aquilion ONE product launches and Symposium," 10-year effort to launch a cost of 500 million products developed by top U.S. CT - Aquilion ONE (320 row) CT.

Aquilion ONE on October 2, 2007 FDA-approved in the United States, and was made on July 1 this year, China SFDA certification.
This indicates that this is not only the world's first ultra-wide range of CT formal commercial sales in the international market, also has received access to the Chinese market.

The product has been successfully installed in the world nearly 20, and its customers include the United States - John Hopkins University Hospital, USA Harvard Medical College Hospital, Toronto, Canada, University Hospital, Humboldt University Hospital in Germany and Japan, Fujita Health
University Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore.

In the new conference, Toshiba Medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd. President Matsuoka, who received a major extension of professional media interviews, Matsuoka stretch that: I believe the Aquilion ONE (320 row) CT images will reveal the function of the revolution CT of a new chapter. Conference on the "star-studded", including the Radiological Society of China, Professor Ji Qi, chairman of nearly 200 guests listened to the Aquilion ONE in the heart and brain nerves in advanced clinical experience, reporter from Singapore's largest private hospital Elizabeth Radiology Director John Hoe and Europe's largest teaching hospital Clitie Professor of Radiology Director Klingebiel.

Products Division, Toshiba Medical CT, according to Mr. Liu Yong introduced, Aquilion ONE (320 row CT) broke the previous CT examination of a variety of limitations. Wide coverage to easily complete cardiac examination, the fastest scanning only need to complete a circle check form the heart for children and critically ill patients is a blessing; in the past, cardiac examination often requires repeated, prolonged check to imaging , and the imaging results can not be guaranteed; Second, 320-slice CT due to its ability to cover the whole organ, for workers with a new clinical research platform, can be organ function, exercise and other aspects of the research department and inspection; In addition, ease the existence of CT scan radiation dosage, up to 80% lower radiation dose, in a wider area to expand the clinical application of CT.

Currently, the 320-slice CT in a foreign country is the most widely used stroke and acute myocardial infarction, one-stop inspection, it will take several hours to check the original shortened to 10 minutes, greatly reducing the time required for examination and diagnosis, as
provided a guarantee for further treatment.

Aquilion ONE's technical and clinical characteristics can image with the "3" "2" "0" to a brief induction, specifically the "three one", "two low", "0 phase difference."

Heartbeat heart freeze

160mm large-area detector using quantum, without moving the bed, just rotate around the rack, you can get from the heart, complete dedication to the apex of the range scan data, the heart (even including the large blood vessels) completely frozen, because no helical scan, the eradication of the spiral interference artifacts, coronary clear presentation, whole-hearted organ just .35 seconds time resolution, while the traditional multi-slice CT (or dual-source CT) scan done 5-10 seconds to check the whole-hearted minutes. International Heart Institute of the performance of the Aquilion ONE will be called the "heart lightning model." For the special heart disease patients, even without ECG-gated, breath-hold in patients without heart examination can be successfully implemented and quality cardiac imaging.

In addition, the traditional multi-slice CT, the beating heart, bed movement, helical scan of the stitching, contrast agent filling the heart of the image quality of the image are a direct factor, but only around Aquilion ONE can scan complete fixed-bed cover the whole-hearted, without overlapping spiral scan and reconstruction, the heart of ultra-rapid freezing, to avoid the long spiral of the past brought many heart scan, spiral split-level artifacts, and other enhanced phase inconsistency problems, for the first time really to do to check the heart rhythm from heart rate restrictions and impact. Coronary heart disease for large-scale population census has laid a solid technology platform, from hardware to solve the fundamental problems of various cardiac examination, so that heart screening to become routine hospital work possible.

Organ imaging scan circle

Aquilion ONE is not limited to the heart, the body can be achieved in various organs circle scan reconstruction.
Dynamic volume scanning applications of low-dose continuous acquisition mode, enabling whole-brain perfusion, direct access to the whole brain perfusion information, easy to show the whole cerebral blood flow map, flow velocity maps perfusion information, the fastest speed that infarction and ischemic penumbra, precise positioning of the range of tumor invasion and surgical area, as neurology, surgery to provide complete information.

A check to complete multiple tasks

In the past, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease admitted to hospital, need to do a lot of checks, not only by the line dose, contrast agent, check the pain is very large, and require a long time, it is likely to delay or miss treatment program for patients
best time, and Aquilion ONE can be obtained through a check number of test results. For example: a heart examination not only coronary calcium score can be obtained, coronary CT angiography and other conventional morphological information, many prospective gating triggers a dynamic full-volume scan, covering several heart rate, combined with the delayed scan, cardiac activity can be done check and myocardial perfusion assessment, into unprecedented areas of application and research gaps, including the ejection also provides, ejection fraction, ventricular motion, atrial sports a full set of results. One-stop solution for patients with heart disease not only significantly reduce the time required for checking the information, but also greatly reduces the total cost of patient examination. (Figure 4, one-stop cardiac examination).

Aquilion ONE can also provide one-stop inspection solutions brain, a check can be obtained, including plain, enhance, delay; arterial map, intravenous map, map of perfusion of cerebral blood flow circulation, including a full set of clinical data, the dose only equivalent to the current 64-slice head check.

Low-dose and low-contrast agent

Aquilion ONE is because the detector has a 160mm wide, any organ (except the adult lung) are non-helical axis can be completely covered circle sweep mode, to avoid the spiral scan of a large number of overlapping and cumulative X-ray, imaging just one organ
seconds, the whole organ scan significantly reduces the total exposure time, thus greatly reducing the overall exposure dose. In addition, Toshiba's Quantum detector CT technology has been used in the Aquilion ONE has been further improved, the fifth generation of the detector to ensure the Aquilion series QuantumV traditional strengths - 2mm @ 0.3% of low-dose low-resolution high-definition image quality At the same time, again imaging radiation dose by 80%.

Overall inspection costs and low running costs

Each patient's dose and exposure time required to significantly reduce the inspection, which means the tube can be done with a more patient examination, not only to avoid more patients suffer radiation damage, but also extensive use of cost savings for hospitals.

0:00 phase difference

Aquilion ONE as wide coverage, you can get an organ volume image scanning, and the volume of image data are in various locations with the same phase, the resulting image is completely faithful to the real data. Because with such a performance, based on this technology platform can be further organ perfusion and movement was checked, the substantial increase in equipment capacity.

Currently, Aquilion ONE 320 wide dynamic row CT has been put into use in clinical and published research papers, the excellent performance of the widely recognized industry experts. But after all, a fashion short, many areas are faced with the problem of re-thinking and application of existing knowledge and clinical application is only the tip of the iceberg, I believe that with the widespread use of equipment, such as breathing exercises and various parts of the lung function studies, liver, pancreas, kidney function studies, motility studies, sports medicine research,

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