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Third clinical application of new MRI


From the Fudan University Shanghai Medical College, Department of Radiology, Huashan Hospital, Fudan University and the "Chinese Journal of Medical Imaging" magazine, co-sponsored the clinical application of new technologies, the third magnetic resonance Shanghai Forum on July 4 was held at Fudan University School of Medicine.

President of General Assembly President FENG Xiao-yuan, the host has Mengsu director, Yang Jun, a teacher, teacher Xu Jianrong, Yang Peijun teacher, teacher Kemin, Zhu Ming-term senior teachers and other radiation, as well as other doctors, students will present the latest techniques as nuclear magnetic resonance study. Toshiba Medical Shanghai office sales team and marketing join MR Business Unit, Toshiba, demonstrating the most advanced products and technologies MR.

Mr. Bob.G from Toshiba With headquarters in a deep understanding of the machine, will be guests in simple terms to describe the Toshiba products for 3T MR product technical issues facing solutions, such as Conform shimming and multi-channel RF system . In addition, also introduced the machine 71cm 3T large aperture, Pianissimo mute, and no contrast agents such as Toshiba's unique serial technology. Toshiba Medical's products and product lines of the MR-based solutions have been proposed by experts at home.

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